Friday: Kickoff CleanUp – Save Ocean Beach

 RALLY NOW TO HELP:  Meet at Sports Basement Presidio at 10am- 5pm, Friday 11/9

Kiteboarders/surfers Byron Cleary and Kathleen Egan are spearheading a grassroots clean-up effort and working on getting the City’s backing.  For now, meet up 10am-5pm today, Friday 11/9 — at Sports Basement Presidio at 610 Mason Street, (415) 437-0100 by Crissy Field.   

The Department of the Environment for the City & County of San Francisco is delivering absorption cloths to this team.  We suggest wearing clothes, old shoes and bringing dishwashing gloves.

Byron & Kathleen just came in from assessing Baker Beach (8:15am) and feel that even just a 100 folks will make a big difference at one beach. They will teach you basic cleanup & disposal, give you supplies and assign you to a beach.  They’re also coordinating pick up of the waste.  After today, they will most likely be helping re-allocate volunteers to the various agencies involved. 

For more updates on this grassroots effort,  keep coming back here.  Also feel free to post your reports on safe areas for surfing, or to notify that certain locations that need attention.  

For more cleanup resources & stories, also visit 



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  1. Please update the info for SATURDAY so people who are working can plan to assist now!

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