Fri Nov 9 – More Efforts Needed at OB (10:40am)

All efforts needed at ob.  I photographed tons of folks at 3p yesterday at sloat….fully covered, wetsuits, boards, etc

As soon as NW wind and swell hits it,  it will breakup and head all the way south.  –  ZACK BEEKLER


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  1. We just cleaned a portion of baker, we are happy with the results.

    Thank you for meeting us at The Sports Basement! Danny Hess is a champ, he picked up more oil at Baker beach then any government agency did in the past 48 hours! Joe, thank you for the support!

    That wrapped our 10am-12:30pm effort.

    We need volunteers to help at OB now!

    NEXT: Ocean Beach

    Meet: Great Highway and Noriega – Friday 2:30- 3:00

    We have oil absorption pads, bags and gloves.

    Bring a cat litter scooper if you have or can get some. (sounds weird, trust me here)

    We will work in teams of two, one pads the other scoops and carries. (we will explain and demonstrate)

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