Fri Nov 9 (1:15pm) – Update on Grass Roots Effort – Noriega this afternoon.

Per a report from Byron & Sara in the field:

The crew led by Byron and Kathleen did a great job at Baker Beach.  They have been supplied with 700 of the oil absorbing cloths and are getting good support (along with interviews from KRON and other media).

For those of you around at 2:30pm, they will be focusing on Ocean Beach next.  Please join them at Noriega and Great Highway then or look for them working in the vicinity.  Kitty Litter Scoopers are needed, so bring them! 

They’ve developed a great systems of 2-person teams that can effectively clean up large areas. 

These clean-up kits they’ve developed will be distributed tomorrow at Ocean Beach, but you’ll still need to bring the kitty litty scoopers.  We’ll post a new update and meeting location soon. 


2 Responses

  1. My friends & I are going to tackle some of the Richmond Shoreline tomorrow. Would you please describe what you did that was so effective, so that others around the Bay & ocean shoreline can get going on their local areas? Where did you get the oil-absorbent cloths? Kitty litter scoopers & biodegradable detergent (to keep the scoopers from re-fouling the beach, I’d guess) are a great idea. (If we wait for the gov’t types to get it together to organize volunteers, nothing will be done, that’s clear.) Thanks so much!!

  2. Carol, great to see you leading the charge in the east bay.

    We have oil-absorbent cloths available to you, if you can coordinate a truck for pick up.

    We can show you on our unofficial process.

    Classes are going to be available today thru GOVERNMENT blah blah

    I personally have been calling those numbers since 11pm and through this morning – BUSY BUSY BUSY. This is the very reason we are doing what we are doing, the same people kept us on hold for 48hours after the accident only to tell us we are not needed on Friday at 8am. If they real want to train us, THEY need to come to the beach! We will be there all morning and day. ( I think they are actually afraid of water, we have not seen anyone out there in 3 days!!! )

    We will be at OCEAN BEACH today (Saturday):

    8:00 Great Highway @ Noriega

    10:00 Great Highway @ Tarava

    12:00 TBD

    Please email me for my number if needed and I can help fulfill hair cloth requests or you can request directly thru the URL in the video.

    email: byron.cleary at gmail dot com

    We have limited donation, if you need to purchase anything, please ask us and we will try to offset your cost if we have the funds available.

    Thank you to everyone for the donations, more might be needed. (Dave , you rock!)

    Here is a youtube video (thank you Mark) with a URL contact for others:

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