Fri Nov 9 – Early AM Beach Report

From: Kathleen Egan

Early morning report from the beach: 

  Noriega Zone:  small globs of oil in the high tide line, it does not look as bad as last night. No disabled birds.  Seagulls and snowy plover moving about as usual.  One guy in the water (does he live under a rock?)… Surf is 3 feet and glassy, glamorous sunrise. 

      Baker Beach – Byron found similar conditions at Baker Beach, along with a pod of dolphins lumbering by. 

–  VOLUNTEERING: I talked to the wildlife rescue coordinator and she said that the best thing volunteers can do is to look for disabled birds in low-traffic coastal areas. The oil is believed to be concentrated between Ft. Funston and Stinson but I’m sure it is spreading out. 

 If you find any birds, call 877-823-6926.  They don’t want non-haz-matt people (us) to touch birds or oil, but if you have gloves and a box, you are as well equipped as the professionals.  Byro, Theo, Chris, Sara, and Beaven did just fine last night, in the dark saving four birds from Baker Beach and Point Bonita. 

Thanks to everyone for helping on this.  I’ve heard from folks all over the country and they all share in our anger, wish us the best, and some even want to donate money to help clean this up.  After the bird phase, there will be an oil globules removal phase.  We will need as much help as we can get. 

Peace,Kathleen (via Monica) 


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