Sat 3:15pm Updated – Getting Asked to Leave, Ocean Beach NOT closed

From the frontlines:  The National Park Service has asked the Kill the Spill crew to leave Ocean Beach, and instead, hand out flyers to advise folks to stay off the beach.  BUT, the Park Service folks had NO FLYERS with them.  Also,  the police arrived thereafter and have taken photos of the beach cleanup activities. 

Other random risk-averse residents are still surfing in the water, despite large oil puddles washing up.  Other citizens are still running on the beach, having kids play in the water, playing ultimate frisbee in the sand, and more. 

OCEAN BEACH needs to be CLOSED OFF IMMEDIATELY and have WARNING SIGNS put up.  We need help getting this done.



One Response

  1. figures. first they ignore the problem till it becomes an emergency, then they come and drive people off the beach. when will you people wake up? fascism is here already. WE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE, and they dont give a f&*^ about us!

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