Sat 7pm Update – Bunker Oil, EPA gets involved, Sunday Schedule

From front line resources:

o  FYI, Bunker Oil (as identified in early media articles) is what was spilled….and according to our own research online (see below), it is known to be carcinogenic

We’ve been told that it may be “bunker oil C6” from other govt agencies and the KTS crew was told that the EPA is going to be testing it (that may have been in the media/press conference at OB). 

Per our Google research, “Everyone…should be fully aware of the fact that heavy fuel oil [bunker oil] is carcinogenic and every contact with skin should be avoided. Oil resistant clothing and gloves should always be used in contact with the fuel.”

 See Bunker Oil articles below based on our own research (thank B.O’rourke).  |
– from bp:


SUNDAY CLEAN-UP SCHEDULE by the Kill the Spill Crew | Surfrider Cleanup, too.

Although the EPA got involved with cleanup and had official crews starting work on Ocean Beach at 3:30pm (surfers’ efforts worked so far!) — and the media was all over it –we heard the Kill the Spill crews were able to continue working.   The grassroots KTS surf crew will still continue efforts on Sunday.  Meet 2pm at Taraval is the word.    Stay tuned for more updates here and at  or KTS site

Surfrider SF’s own regularly scheduled cleanup for SUNDAY seems to be still on. 
They meet Sunday at 10AM Stair 17 in front of Beach Chalet.  Check their site first, since that may change anytime.

– KTS sources, Zuna Surf Staff 


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