*Spread the Word: Join Sunday’s 2pm Ocean Beach Cleanup Effort/ EPA Handoff with “Kill The Spill”

(10am Sunday) From KILL THE SPILL coordinators — the grassroots surfer/kiter effort:***SPREAD THE WORD:  SHOW UP AT 2PM TODAY – SUNDAY 11/11 for OCEAN BEACH CLEAN-UP SUPPORT @ TARAVAL –  see details below. Note:  At 10am today, OB residents report NO SIGHTING of a clean-up crew around NORIEGA.  We are checking elsewhere down the beach.THANK YOU to all who rallied Thursday through Saturday to help pull-off our Ocean Beach cleanup effort.  We are elated to see that on late Saturday afternoon — 3 days after the spill — the EPA launched their OFFICIAL Ocean Beach cleanup with EPA/Coast Guard contracted cleaning crews.  By coming together as a community who cares about Ocean Beach, we made a big difference, and WE SUCCEEDED in getting federal help that was sorely needed. 

The agency-contracted cleanup crews are also now adopting our smart use of Oil Spill Hair Mats (fantastic products made of natural human hair, thankfully donated by MatterofTrust.org & the Dept. of the Environment of SF), which were more effective in mopping up oil than what the contracted crews showed up with — rakes & shovels.

WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW is that we remain united  as a community on the following goals below, which include:

1) Ensuring that proper, thorough federal cleaning of Ocean Beach continues
2) Warning signs are posted of OB’s contamination
3) Water testing is done rigorously
4) Education & training of local citizens continues on how to respond properly to tar balls, oil puddles, injured/dead wildlife and more that may be washing up on Ocean Beach for the next 2-3 months or year(s). 
5)  Share our learnings with citizens at other key Bay Area beach areas that aren’t getting attention

Stay tuned for tips and an e-mail campaign to officials, which will be posted to various websites. 

The more NUMBERS of concerned citizens we have, the more attention we can get to ensure the contracted clean crews have ENOUGH BODIES to clean our large beach.  Meet 2pm at Taraval & Great Highway.

o Be prepared to assist the cleaning effort today, Sunday 11/11 if needed, or respectfully stand down if asked by EPA & other officials, so as to enable the contractors to do a thorough cleaning

o Spread the word so that we have great turnout to show our SUPPORT for the EPA effort and that we really care deeply about Ocean Beach!

o Be prepared to monitor the success of the EPA’s cleanup effort, however long it takes, as the impact from the Oil Spill may be felt for weeks, months, and years.

o Help hand out flyers warning of OB’s health risks — It’s UNSAFE especially kids & pets.  We advise NOT ENTERING THE WATER.  (Ocean Beach is too big to be closed, officials told us)

o Please bring this gear just in case
Appropriate clothing including old clothes, old fully-covered shoes.
What’s useful: heavyduty rubber/lates gloves (dishwashing OK), kitty litter scoops, strong trash bags, cell phone with key phone numbers in speed dial for reporting new oil sightings (985-781-0804) & oiled animals (415.701.2311).  Be mindful of fumes and avoid any direct contact with oil, tar balls, and injured animals.>>> Keep Up On KILL THE SPILL’s efforts here:


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  1. A great effort today. The area where we were concentrated was a lot cleaner as the sun began to set, but the area around Pacheco St. had a lot of drifts of oil. I walked the beach from Taraval to the Cliff House and from Pacheco to Noriega was pretty heavy, from there to Lincoln was lighter, but still a lot of drifts of small drops. From Lincoln to Balboa looked fairly clean, but the light was almost gone, so not sure. However, there are hundreds of dead jellyfish to be seen at low tide.

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