EPA’s Hazard Rating of SF Spill to Humans

“According to the EPA training session today at the Irish Cultural Center,  they indicated that the oil is a 2 out of 4 in terms of the hazard with a low level of risk. ”  – K.Egan, Kill The Spill


3 Responses

  1. everyone should know that the EPA is full of shit. just look at what Whitman and crew did to all those people after 9/11. if we want to know what’s up, we have to do our own testing – it’s that simple.

  2. Can you post more information about the EPA cleanup today? What precautions are they advising? What kind of masks are they issuing (if any)? What do they have to say about breathing the fumes as compared with touching the oil?

  3. HI I am looking for information because my ex husband is insisting on taking my kids to Stinson over Thanksgiving.I am from Alaska – the people who cleaned up in Alaska STILL have health problems.I talked to a life guard at Stinson who said ‘they’ had them swimming in it.I told him he needs to get something in writing to protect his health. I do not trust our EPA and obviously this spill has been botched from the beginning.

    I think they are opening the beaches up for business sake not because it’s now OK.

    I have so much respect for your courage,am grateful to everyone who has been cleaning and I hope you all will get a natropath on board to protect your health – don’t drink or do any thing else that will compromise immunity.

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