Monday Update: Bolinas/West Marin Need Help – 11am on

Oil is washing up on all the beaches here and I hear it’s as far north as Dillon Beach.  The waste collected so far is really toxic and out-gassing; so much that I’ve been instructed not to go near it with my baby (who stays on my back during clean up.) 

I’m trying to mobilize people to help out with our beaches up here.  There’s been absolutely no crews past Stinson Beach (though not Seadrift Beach) and the contractors totally blew it trying to put a boom across Bolinas Channel.  We’ve got the OK to put up the boom ourselves and hope to have it in place this morning.  Next is getting people together to clean Bolinas, Agate, Palomarin, etc.  We’d greatly appreciate it if you could put the word out that we’re looking for help out here.

I’ve contacted both 2 Mile and Prooflab surf shops to help spread the word.  People can come to
Bolinas Beach around 11:00 this morning where we will be mobilizing the troops.  I also plan to leave word at the People’s Store (who thought of closing today for clean-up).

 Thanks so much!



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  1. Is there an email list or more scheduled beach cleaning training? I missed the training in San Francisco today, November 12. I suspect there will be more, I can go help any day except today.
    Let me know if you can! Thanks!

  2. Natalie,

    Let us know what supplies you need and if possible, can you post daily updates about clean-up efforts in Bolinas? Also, is the People’s Store a good place to get info?

    I’m so happy to hear people are cleaning up! We were in Bolinas yesterday bringing hairmats and were a little dismayed but the “official” efforts going on there. I’ll pass on the word to folks.

  3. Natalie,
    I’m so sad to hear that Bolinas and the precious lagoon has also been so profoundly affected. Keep up your amazing work up there, but keep your baby safe too!!!

  4. Natalie,

    i am a concerned marin resident and surfer and would like to help but have very limited times I can come clean — I would like to come out and clean on wednesday afternoon – how can I connect with a coordinator or a crew regarding cleaning? I have not done a training but would still like to help and connect with more marin folks who are part of this cleaning the beach effort.


  5. “Official” crews showed up yesterday to begin cleaning. While this was a welcome sight, there is still a lot of beach and reef to clean. The tide pools downtown, at Agate Beach, Jack’s Creek, Palomarin, and places in between are covered with oil. We found a lot of dead sand crabs, dungenous crabs, and fish on the beaches.
    If you are interested in helping clean-up, the People’s Store will have info., or you can contact me (415.302.7712).

  6. Tides – early afternoon is best for clean up efforts. You can make you way around the reefs and have a good 4-5 hours of light with an outgoing tide.

  7. I have a core of people in my office that want to get out there asap to help with the clean up efforts around west marin.

    Who can I contact to get the coordination effort underway?



  8. Sounds like you can just head to the People’s Store in Bolinas and they will give you info… or call Natalie at 302.7712.

  9. Natalie –

    I too am a Marin resident and local surfer who would like to be part of on-going beach cleaning efforts in Bolinas and surrounding area on Saturday, 11/17.

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the formal training sessions offered today/this week due to my work obligations, but want to help in any way possible this weekend.

    Please let me know how I may best connect with a crew/group.


    **Was resident volunteer years ago at PRBO – I generally know how to handle birds. With little training, I could help treat stressed water fowl if needed.

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