Monday Update – Trash Bags at OB Aren’t Picked Up Yet

9:20am Monday 11/12/07:

I just drove the beach and I’m going to walk it in a bit once I wrap up some work stuff, but there are bags and bags of the oil that people are leaving by the trash cans, and no one from the city has picked it up. City pick needs to happen daily, both at the trash cans right on the walkway on the beach, and also on the walkway on the green that separates the great highway from the homes. — Jen T.

[The KTS staff has been notified and are continuing to followup since yesterday’s cleanup — Universal Environmental had committed to pick up yesterday!  Signs must be posted not to mix oily trash with regular trash!]


One Response

  1. I am working on this, they will be gone shortly. Michelle with the US EPA is handling it. She gave us all a sincere thank you for our efforts and made a point to let us know the training is direct result of “Kill The Spill”. Thank you Michelle!

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