Update: EPA Training & Additional Times; KTS Endorses It

Per Byron and Kill the Spill staffers attending the EPA session today: 

“The training is very good.  They provide card certification, protective gear, and assign folks in teams of a 1:7 ratio.   Kill the Spill endorses this program and will began funneling its volunteers through this program.   KTS is working on getting more EPA training sessions scheduled to provide a wider range of times to choose from.”  Stay tuned for the word on times and if there’s another afternoon session available to sign up for.”



2 Responses

    We are working with the EPA and city/county of San Francisco to schedule a Kill The Spill training session on Wednesday November 12 from 6pm-9pm.

    This training session will make you an “Offical” Disaster Service Worker Volunteer for the Cosco-Busan Oil Spill clean up efforts.

    Stay tuned for confirmation


  2. Just got back from Ocean beach and saw the EPA volunteers in action. They activated the NERT teams (makes sense!) and so some of the crews were NERT trained. They looked well supplied, organized and had a good number of volunteers although I’m sure many more will be needed. I wasn’t able to find out when more trainings will be held. There was a park service employee handing out a survey asking opinions about the Park Service’s response to the oil spill. If you can, fill one of these out so they get feedback about the lack of signs, safety warnings, etc….etc…. again I saw children running around on the beach getting exposed to the oil while the park service staff were chatting in the parking lot. Great. Now I hope help will continue up North to our other beloved beaches.

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