Tues – Bolinas/Marin Needs Help; Send Stockings for Hair Mats!

Per Natalie Pepper:  “Official” crews showed up yesterday to begin cleaning. While this was a welcome sight, there is still a lot of beach and reef to clean. The tide pools downtown, at Agate Beach, Jack’s Creek, Palomarin, and places in between are covered with oil. We found a lot of dead sand crabs, dungenous crabs, and fish on the beaches.

The oil is liquid, hard tar balls and goo globs.  We got a few hair mats, but supplies are low.  I’m posting several fliers around town about the Wed evening training tomorrow.

If you are interested in helping clean-up, the People’s Store will have info., or you can contact me (415.302.7712). ”

Zuna Surf Update — As of 10:05am today, according to Matters of Trust, the EPA is ordering more mats from a large supplier, as the Dept of the Environment supplies for the grassroots volunteer effort are running low, except for what Kill the Spill has left and what the EPA is giving out in training.  EPA shipments to arrive soon, though.  

For now, Matters of Trust says someone is donating a special huge nylon sock for Bolinas that can use loose hair from its warehouse (often use to make mats locallly) and be used behind a boat to mop of the fine sheen of oil on the water and beach into globs, which can then be picked up by the hair mats.  Stay tuned on that effort and how we’ll be organizing that for Ocean Beach.

For local citizens, Matters of Trust can distribute pantyhose stockings full of loose hair clippings — sounds odd, but it works.   If you’d like to donate pantyhose (used with small runs in them OK) to this address, so they and different volunteer groups can get these distributed to local citizens doing cleanup.

Matter of Trust, Inc.
c/o PantyHose donations
5813 Geary Boulevard # 111
San Francisco, CA 94121

If you’d like to get your LOCAL HAIR SALON to donate large batches hair clippings for the local production of mats coordinated with St Vincent De Paul Society, tell them to  send or drop off clippings here (no individual donations, please):

Oil spill / Hair mats
DR3 – Matter of Trust.org
1960 Williams Street
San Leandro CA 94577

More later!  This is great “green” use of natural & recycled approach for the SF OilSpill cleanup. Contracted cleaning crews are using Pigmats (paper-towel-like product with some sort of plastic backing) — made from petro products, until hair mats are more available.   Yes,  nice to see here that SF does, to bastardize Apple’s old slogan, “Think Different. Think Green.” — Matter of Trust, fyi,  is a nonprofit founded by Lisa Gautier and her husband Patrice, who happens to run Apple’s iTunes unit.

– ML/ Zuna Surf


9 Responses

  1. Just so you know, re the hair mats provided by matteroftrust & used at ocean beach: each person can really use 1-2 cut mats the entire4-8 hours they spend out at cleanup. It does not make sense to use more than the ones you start out with in the day — they really do keep picking up the tarballs. After 5 hrs at ocean beach, I could see that I could keep using the mats i started out with for another few hours. The only time more than 1-2 mats should be used per person is if the beaches are completely covered in oil and the mats are completely covered in oil. With small tarball globuals such as at ocean beach, we got small flecks and globuals and it becomes a waste if you use more than 1-2 hair mats per person. And in the trash bags, i could see used mats with some oil on them that could still be used to pick up more oil. For those of you who have been using the hair mats for the past few days at OB, you know what i’m talking about!

  2. Hi,
    I have been out of the area and am due back Fri. I would love to help on Sat. or Sun. I live in Petaluma. Please contact me if I can be of help in Marin or Sonoma coast. Thanks so much. This is tragic!!!
    As a 31 year bay swimmer, I am so upset about this for all the wildlife! Love to help out. Kathie Hewko 707 481-9309.

  3. Wednesday update: Official crews are cleaning Agate Beach and RCA. However, more oil is washing up at Bolinas Beach. Volunteers are needed to help with the clean up at Wharf, Brighton, the Patch, and towards the reef.

  4. Thursday

    Clean up supplies are located at the end of Wharf Road. We are focusing on Bolinas Beach, from the channel to the Patch and north.

  5. Is there going to be a group working in Bolinas on Saturday morning? I’d love to help out somewhere in Marin, have certification, scoop, towels & bags.

  6. I am planning on arriving at Ocean Sat. AM @ 8:00… I cleaned on Friday til the end…

    I am interested in cleaning up in Marin though, I hope to see Byron manana and ask him what is up…


  7. Can people who have surfed in Bolinas post their impressions of the situation? I called the Firehouse and they say the beach is closed and there is oil on the beach to cleanup and then I called 2mile and they say the beach is open and there’s no oil….

  8. A few of us did the SF training and are certified for that county. We want to help with oil clean up tomorrow. We could do it officially in SF, but are also interested in doing clean up outside of SF. Where could we help tomorrow? If it’s outside of SF, where would we probably be able to help with clean up unofficially?

  9. Clean Up Ocean Beach with the John Butler Trio!
    Sunday, December 2
    10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.,
    Free concert immediately following cleanup!
    In partnership with Surfrider Foundation, Rock the Earth, Music Matters, and Clif Bar

    Save The Bay, Surfrider Foundation, Rock the Earth, Music Matters, and CLIF Bar, are hosting a trash cleanup at Ocean Beach on Sunday, December 2 from 10:00 a.m. to noon, followed by an outdoor musical session with John Butler Trio! We’re looking for energetic and capable volunteers to help us pick up garbage and debris at this popular San Francisco beach and then be rewarded by the upbeat sounds of a great band! Help clean up the beach and raise awareness about the dangers of trash in our waterways. As the North Pacific Garbage Patch grows, it is increasingly important to prevent trash from making its way into the San Francisco Bay and ultimately out to the Pacific Ocean .

    Save The Bay is the oldest and largest membership organization working exclusively to celebrate, protect, and restore San Francisco Bay . We hold shoreline cleanups to prevent trash and debris from reaching our waterways and threatening fish and wildlife. Your assistance with this event will help us keep this harmful pollutant out of the Bay and ocean.

    Sign up online to volunteer for this fun event at http://www.saveSFbay.org/bayevents. While this event is free, we do require registration to help us plan supplies. If you have questions, contact Jennie Pardi at bayevents@saveSFbay.org or (510)452.9261 x119.

    Jennie Pardi
    Program Assistant
    350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 900 | Oakland , CA | 94612
    p: 510.452.9261 x119 | f: 510.452.9266 | bayevents@saveSFbay.org | saveSFbay.org

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