Ocean Beach Closed as of Tuesday afternoon


Finally, officials closed Ocean Beach to the public yesterday (tuesday) — 7 days after the spill.   However, the officials at least put up signs informing folks about the oil spill  — on Monday 11/12.   It’s great they finally did it, but lame that it took so long to even get some signs out, since park officials claimed originally that “Ocean Beach is too big to close off.”  3.5 miles’ worth of shore is not small, but they’ve overlooked how many people use the beach and immerse themselves in the water.

According to this morning’s dawn report from Surfpulse,  “Ocean Beach is completely closed. Nobody is allowed even to walk on the beach at this point. All the entrances are fenced off and there are big flashing signs at the parking lot telling you the beach is closed….[Entrances are] fenced off with signs stating the beach is toxic to both people and pets.”


singage1_thb1.jpgWe wince at how many kids, pets and other unsuspecting folks –from Friday to Monday — were playing in the toxic sand and splashing around in the shallow, oily-rainbow-hued waters.  It was appalling to see some surfers still in the water over those days — some simply didn’t care [‘How bad can it be?’ — not knowing oil can be absorbed quickly by your hair]; others had no idea the oil had made its way over to Ocean Beach, including high-profile surf shop owners.  One unsuspecting surfer reported he had vomited on Saturday while in the line-up, after discovering he was surrounded by oil.  

On Sunday, the KTS crew and many others did a nice job with posting home-made signs on Sunday,  cleaning up the beach, and did as much as possible to inform folks verbally.  Thanks to so many people’s efforts, officials finally responded.

– Sources: KTS, Surfpulse. Photos: BCleary (top); MHudlin (bottom)


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