SF/Berkeley/HMB: More Volunteer Training Sessions [updated 6:51pm]

Note:  The 6pm session has filled up today with 400 folks.  A few hundred others who lined up and didn’t make it in were told to come back for the 8:30pm session.  See you all there.   New Saturday sessions have been added below.

Help clean up your local beach! 

Per KTS sources this afternoon, the following official certification sessions for clean-up volunteers are:


  • Wednesday, 11/14:   6pm-10pm  | Location: County Fairground’s Hall of Flowers, GG Park, 9th & Lincoln
  • Wednesday, 11/14: 8:30pm-10:30pm | Same as above
  • Saturday, 11/17:    8am-noon | Same As Above
  • Saturday 11/17:  1pm-5pm |  Same as above

Note- thursday’s session has been removed until we know more.


  • TODAY, Wed 11/14:  1pm-5pm | 199 Seawall Dr.(Cross street: University),Berkeley, CA 94710 www.hslordships.com
  • Saturday, 11/19: 8am | 1900 6th Street, Berkeley


  •  Thursday 5pm – IDES Building, 735 Main Street.  Sponsored by San Mateo County Alerts (SMCalerts.info) 
  •  Saturday 8am – Location TBD 



One Response

  1. Good afternoon –

    Is there a good contact number for East Bay efforts? I must work 9-5 on the weekedays – but I have time on the weekends! I see that there is a training session this coming Saturday – I want to know if there is a number for the meeting that I can call.

    Thank you!

    p.s. kudos for putting up this site! (aside from the impressive efforts otherwise!!)

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