Thu 11.15 – CleanUp Schedule for Friday & Official Update

From KTS:   Locations for Friday cleanup should be posted by 7:30am that day on the 311 phone line….

Excerpt from the SF Dept of Emergency Management Email late this afternoon:Volunteer deployment for beach clean-up efforts:

The City and County of San Francisco will continue to coordinate deployment of certified volunteers at the staging area at Lincoln and the Great Highway.  Look for the RED TENT in the parking lot.  Volunteers will be provided with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), collection tools and be assigned to a trained safety officer.   Employees will lead teams of volunteers in the clean-up effort at Ocean Beach.    ALL CERTIFIED VOLUNTEERS SHOULD REPORT TO THE RED TENT at Lincoln and the Great Highway.  Additional plans for clean-up operations are pending for Crissy Field, Baker Beach, and Aquatic Park but volunteers should continue to report to the main staging area. Transportation from this staging area to the other volunteer clean up sites will be provided.

 For the most updated information on volunteer deployments in San Francisco, please call 3-1-1  or visit For information on additional volunteer opportunities to support the oil spill response efforts, please visit 

 Summary report from the State Office of Emergency Services:

Reported as of 6:30 pm on November 14, 2007: 14,974 gallons of oil have been collected.  It is estimated that 4,060 gallons of oil have evaporated. One vessel is currently skimming/collecting oil on the water and 25 support vessels and volunteer fishing vessels are working to remediate the spill.  Three helicopters are surveying the area. The US Coast Guard reports that there are currently 1,517 people participating in the spill response. According to the oil and wildlife care network, 804 live birds and 590 dead birds have been received in their facilities. 

San Francisco Update

In San Francisco, we’re supplementing the beach clean-up work of professional contractors with trained volunteers.  We’re proud to report that approximately 800 volunteers have attended trainings and have been issued a disaster service worker badge from the City’s Department of Human Resources.  Since November 12, 2007 [Monday], trained volunteers have been deployed to Ocean Beach, where the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has established a check-in site and provided safety monitors.  Volunteers are assisting with beach clean-up, wildlife and habitat preservation, and other activities related to the oil spill.


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