Thu.11.15 Pacifica Volunteers’ Snafu Corrected

(6pm) — A Pacifica volunteer wrote in earlier that there was an ID card snafu.  Due to clerical issue,  the Pacifica officials at the training failed to issue the trainees with the necessary ID cards to prove certification had been completed.  She reported she couldn’t participate in the OB clean-up today and was turned away, despite some clearance attempts via phone & fax.

KILL THE SPILL got word and worked with officials quickly.  The Pacifica list will NOW be posted at the Red Tent –Pacifica volunteers just need to show ID at any cleanup.  San Francisco is honoring the training and certified volunteers from the Pacifica session.

Thanks for your patience. Everybody’s working together, and yes, KTS is working tightly with officials.

– Sources:  BCleary/KTS


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  1. I was also at the Pacifica Training and also did not have a badge.
    Fortunately my attendance papers worked for the Berkeley Nature Center to give me one of there badges and I jioned a group and cleaned the Ashby area beach of oil.
    About Pacifica ID Cards:
    The message I have recieved from
    Lynn Adams of the Pacifica Beach Coalition reads

    If you attended the HazMat training in Pacifica to help with the San Francisco Oil Spill your Volunteer card will be ready to pick up on Friday, November 16th between 9 and 11am at the Pacifica Police Dept (2075 Coast Highway, Pacifica CA 94044). You will need to complete two forms, take an oath, and show an ID card.

    Captain Realyvasquez is requesting that those whose last name begins with A-L try to arrive between 9am – 10am and those whose name begins with M-Z try to arrive between 10-11.00am. Any questions can be directed to Captain Realyvasquez at 738-7320.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Lynn Adams
    Pacifica Beach Coalition

    If you have friends or family who want to be trained for volunteer opportunities, see below info on other trainings in Half Moon Bay. Go to to find volunteer opportunities and San Francisco training opportunities.

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