Sat 11.17 | Day 11: Pacifica’s Shelter Cove: Oil Found

We received an afternoon call from a Shelter Cove resident whose neighbor found oil washing up on the beach today, Saturday.  We’ve put her in touch with Pacifica contacts, and are waiting for an update. 

Shelter Cove is the private residential area just south of Linda Mar Beach.  –  ZunaSurf


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  1. I was doing “bird spotting” this morning at Berkeley Marina, my area was Strawberry beach, which is the cove right behind the Seabreeze Cafe at the corner of University and the frontage road. There are oil globs, some VERY large (as big as a piece of paper), all over the large rocks on the seawall that runs north and south from there. I kept wondering how many minutes or hours the birds and squirrels had before they stepped in it.

    All of the other birding volunteers said they saw oil globs too.

    You can smell it on the water.

    There was a crew of only 26 official Hazmat guys (not volunteers) who were out there working in the same small corner the entire time (9 am- 12:30 pm when I left.). That’s how long it takes, it’s treacherous and tiring on those rocks.

    It’s still everywhere and will be for a long, long time, I can’t believe they are saying that there are enough volunteers and that the cleanup is proceeding more quickly than expected! Until there is a volunteer on every inch of shoreline, EVERY WEEK, there are not enough.

    There was only room for 80 volunteers this morning at the Berkeley Hazmat training (hmmm: room for 80 people, in Berkeley, on a weekend- DUH!), which is how I wound up at the Marina and just happened to bump into the Oiled Wildlife volunteers to help out.

    As I was leaving a shipment of hair mats had arrived and some volunteers (HOPEFULLY hazmat trained) were heading out form the Nature Center with them to do cleanup. The organizer said she did not know how they were supposed to use them, I just happened to overhear and told them what I knew from the demo info. that was on the website.

    People want to help and I saw a lot of people angry today because they are frustrated in their attempts to do so. Then they take matters into their own hands and do stupid dangerous things.

    We all want the bay to be better tomorrow, but it is not going to be. Period.

    Do NOT let the “officials” off the hook! Our world is poisoned, our animal friends need us. We need more training sessions and more people out on EVERY beach, EVERY day.

    I am very sad about this, all my friends are depressed. This is our own personal 9/11. As far as I am concerned though, I am just as responsible as the captain of that ship.

    Mary Beth

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