Sun | Day 12 Update

Per KTS, 403 more folks were trained on Saturday!  That brings it to well over 1400 officially trained in San Francisco.   

Ocean Beach opened up yesterday (although posted signs along the beach still say it’s closed)…but we are getting reports from that Ocean Beach may not be clean enough.  It also sounds like there’s still plenty to cleanup in Marin and East Bay.

East Bay needs help with the wildlife spotting effort (see the East Bay postings). 

For those of you living in OB and Marin, we and our readers want to know about the conditions.  Please write in , while our contacts gather more data.  Pacifica’s Shelter Cove reported oil washing up on Saturday…Our job is still not done, since we still expect to see oil residue washing up at anytime, anywhere.  With your help, we can deploy resources where attention is needed, as KTS is working closely with government agencies.

Per the SF Dept of Emergency Management on Saturday evening:

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SFDEM) and National Park Service (NPS) staff announced Friday, November 16, 2007 that the cleanup of local beaches affected by last week’s catastrophic Cosco Busan oil spill was proceeding at a faster than expected pace. Officials credited the accelerated pace to the overwhelming response by members of the public, with more than 1400 volunteers trained to help in the cleanup as of Saturday, November 17, 2007.


After Saturday, November 17, 2007, there are no planned deployments for volunteers to participate in beach clean ups related to the Cosco Busan Oil Spill in San Francisco.  In addition, there are no future trainings scheduled.  If there is a need for volunteer deployment in the coming weeks, information will be posted on  Please check back regularly for the most up-to-date information or call 3-1-1. 

BEACHES OPENED as of 11.17.07 Morning

  • Ft. Point
  • Baker Beach
  • China Beach
  • Crissy Field
  • Ocean Beach (Advisory posted)
  • Linda Mar Beach (Pacifica)
  • Rockaway (Pacifica)
  • Sharp Park Beach (Pacifica)
  • Esplande Beach (Pacifica)

View closed beaches here:


4 Responses

  1. A great writeup on Kill The Spill and SF’s grassroots cleanup effort today in the LA Times:,0,1008505.story?coll=la-home-center

  2. From Barbara B:

    “The beaches were opened yesterday(OB). We volunteers(city of sf trained with badges and hazmat suits, booties, gloves etc) were kicked off the beach by the feds. Kids and dogs were getting into the many silver dollar to pancake sized shiny bunker fuel. The small warning signs that were pasted to garbage cans listed the wrong # to report oil.The officials are saying the beach is safe. It is far from safe. The gulls were continuing to get into the stuff. We need the beaches to be closed and the cleanup must continue. Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for all your good work.”

  3. want to thank you all for the wonderful work you (and others, unknown) have been doing. Native SFer here and following the spill from minute one. Luckily i found your site within a few days…

    Perhaps here is a good spot to drop off a couple things:

    dawn on Thursday, day 2, the local NBC affiliate (think that is NBC11) broadcast film of dead sea lions, several – 3 or 4) washed up at a tiny beach at the base of a rocky cove, with several (7 or 8) floating either dead or dying in the water ebbing, at the small beach area.

    I missed catching the name of the site being filmed (from the air, from a news helicopter I would guess) but think it may have been Angel Island. I found it very distressing that creatures this size were dying so fast from the oil.

    In the same report (which I never saw repeated, tho a friend caught the tape of the dead/dying sea lions on MSNBC the following day, Friday) it was reported that 58 k was being looked at as possibly a “conservative estimate”.

    We have been so abused thru this entire horror. I am especially worried about the threats of arrest, citation, taser-ing etc for trying to clean up the beaches. Also that beaches that should be closed to citizens, children and dogs are left open. What a mess, in all senses of the word.

    Thank you again.

    ABC affiliate tonight had a very dispiriting report. That it “may reach the Farallones” and it may go “as far S as Ano Nuevo”.

    That warm weather will release tarballs that again in the tide action will head for the beaches.

    This will go on for a very long time…


  4. Marin Update:
    I went by Cronkite today at about noon… Spoke with the Park Ranger and Park Police, word in that hood is that the O’Brien crew had been cleaning that AM (with no “need” for volunteers) and were supposed to be back and were 2 hours late… The park ranger called into dispatch for us and tried to get us cleaning access, but no luck; 1st no guide to “supervise”, 2nd no waste designation area… He than said that a small volunteer crew was at BAker cleaning, but I later found out that was mainly an O’brien/Ind. crew…
    The word from both employees about Marin is “A big lack of thorough cohesive communication; both on a local and state level with the O’Brien/Indep. cleaners, really multiple agencies having big issues communicating…”

    But three Surfers in the water at Cron Sunday AM and a hiker on the coast saw a BIG Great White attacking a seal and finishing the job right in the breakers so now Cron is closed to swimmers/surfers due to the shark…

    But there is still a lot of oil landing, half of Cron was open but both Ranger and Police agreed it was to early to open up access and there should be a lot of volunteers combing the water line and high water line… But there are not…

    So I managed to find one of the main O’Brien crews (mainly from Louisiana are) cleaning a beach in Sausalito by the bay model, I grew up goofing off at that beach and it looked clean, so that is good but it was the marsh/tidal area’s that O’Brien was focusing on, so I spoke with the main O’Brien contact person and asked him what is going on in Marin, he said arghhh yaaaaa it is still washing up all along the coast, the bay looks good, splotches here and there, but they were being dispatched when given the proper word from DFG and other agencies. He said that there were NO VOLUNTEER opportunities in MArin AT ALL, THAT HE KNEW OF AND OR THAT WOULD BE IN THE NEAR FUTUR… He than said to stick with on-line notices and through 311. He agreed that the volunteer support is amazing and he wished there was more that the volunteers were allowed to be doing, but as of now there were none…

    He than said head to Aquatic Park that he heard a volunteer crew was in progress there, but we went there and it was an O’Brien crew spraying the rocks, and they were not cooperative at all…

    But again it looks as if that Marin is still seeing fresh deposits on the beaches, Cron is 1/2 way open and all water access is closed due to the shark, atleast mother nature is helping us out, the waves by the way at OB today were BIG and at cron were BIG…

    I will go by a couple of beaches in the AM (Muir/Tennessee Valley) but I hope to have word about Bolinas and Stinson tomorrow as well as the others, again if anybody has heard conflicting news please let us know I have heard that oil has even been found in RCA, that’s F*CKED!!!

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