Mon | Day 13 – new update for Ocean Beach

More on OB, per Darin & Kathleen of Kill the Spill:

I just checked OB [this morning, Monday] and there are signs saying the you should use the beach at your own risk.  Between Noriega and Taraval there were THREE quarter sized oil spots!  The surf looks good, overhead and glassy on the outside.” — Kathleen, Kill The Spill (KTS)

” Sunday:  [I hiked]around OB checking different spots. Even though many of the beaches in the area have been opened, I’m not so sure that I would play fetch with my dog in the surf yet or enjoy some of the nice swell that is in town.

Areas Checked at OB Area:
-Sloat (first lot & second lot)
-Ft. Funston

Still some small oil spots here and there (very few) about a quarter or dime sized along the water line. Check any plastic or trash you see, as the oil bonds to floating objects. Surfers are reporting they don’t notice the water being oily.

[Again, it’d] be helpful is to check different parts of the coast line and [have everybody] post your results to the blog or email your info in. We have plenty of certified resources to sweep through an area now.”  – Darin Rosas, KTS

See also OB resident’s Sunday report in the comment section of the earlier Monday update.


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  1. Linda Mar had very little oil on the beach Saturday, but unfortunately, theres’s plenty on the bottom as you wade out. Wear booties if you gotta go. I’m giving it another coupla days at least.

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