Mon | Day 13 Update – Pacifica, Berkeley, Ocean Beach, Marin

Thank you all for your reports.  Keep them coming in, so we can let the official agencies know where to deploy more resources. 

Per Greg Cochran of Pedro Point Surf Club on Sunday:

 “We have had small amounts of oil washing ashore on all of our beaches.  The Pro Cleanup crew cleaned Linda Mar this AM [Sunday]. Very minimal amounts on all beaches. We will continue to clean as need be. Beaches will remain open, as long as we don’t get massive amounts.  All indicators point to continued small amounts coming in with the High Tides. “


BERKELEY – Volunteers needed
Matter of Trust is sending out more hair mats to Berkeley to get oil off the rocks.  We also had word on Sunday that Berkeley needs more certified volunteers to help with the cleanup of various sites, to supplement the contractor crews’ efforts. 

If you have your card, please call Deborah,  City of Berkeley Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Waterfront  510-703-2825, to be deployed.


OCEAN BEACH: From OB resident, Ben Garcia: “As per sunday at 10 am there was plenty of small oil blobs seen on ocean beach. i walked a small area between fulton and kirkham and in an hour or less had a fistful of oil.”“There were no clean up crews, just ahandful of both gloved and ungloved volunteers that were hoping to find an organized effort. It seems there is still plenty of oil — the blobs are just a lot smaller and harder to spot.”



Per D.Harrison on Sunday: 

“I went by Cronkite today at about noon… Spoke with the Park Ranger and Park Police, word in that hood is that the O’Brien crew had been cleaning that AM (with no “need” for volunteers) and were supposed to be back and were 2 hours late… The park ranger called into dispatch for us and tried to get us cleaning access, but no luck; 1st no guide to “supervise”, 2nd no waste designation area… He than said that a small volunteer crew was at Baker cleaning, but I later found out that was mainly an O’brien/Ind. crew…

….Three Surfers in the water at Cron Sunday AM and a hiker on the coast saw a BIG Great White attacking a seal.  [The shark was] finishing the job right in the breakers… so now Cron is closed to swimmers/surfers due to the shark…But again it looks as if that Marin is still seeing fresh deposits on the beaches, Cronkite is 1/2 way open and all water access is closed due to the shark.   At least mother nature is helping us out, the waves by the way at OB today and at cron were BIG…
But there is still a lot of oil landing, half of Cron was open but both Ranger and Police agreed it was too early to open up access and there should be a lot of volunteers combing the water line and high water line… But there are not…

The word from both employees about Marin is “A big lack of thorough cohesive communication; both on a local and state level with the O’Brien/Indep. cleaners.  Multiple agencies having big issues communicating…”

I will go by a couple of beaches in the AM (Muir/Tennessee Valley) but I hope to have word about Bolinas and Stinson tomorrow as well as the others, again if anybody has heard conflicting news, please let us know.  I have heard that oil has even been found in RCA!”


6 Responses

  1. Sunday AM I surfed south of the Beach Chalet. I saw no oil in the water but I picked up a single quarter-size spot on my foot somewhere between waters edge and the parking lot.

    There are more and less aggradational areas along the ocean’s edge. I surveyed the beach several times before we got locked out and noted some areas with consistent oil spotting, and other areas relatively oil free. VFWs is not one of the aggradational spots (which is why I chose to bodysurf there). But on Sunday I heard reports of oil at some of the more aggradational locations.

    As for a critter activity report, there were no crabs to step on in the shallows and I heard and saw no dolphins in the area, the first time in weeks/months I haven’t stumbled over a crab or heard dolphins during a surf session. Fish bumped into me a couple of times, unusual for winter that usually happens more in the spring and summer when there are schools nearshore. Also, there were a LOT of sea lions around me during my session, and they were keeping their heads out of the water more than I have ever seen. Usually you see a head behind one wave and by the time the next wave crosses the sea lion is gone. Not yesterday, I felt like a was surrounded by a bunch of spectators. And there were a lot of sea birds, overhead and in the water.

  2. MARIN update:

    So I spoke with The Marin County Office Of Emergency Services (Sherrifs) this AM and they forwarded me to the Marin County Fire dispatch #…

    I spoke with them they say that the next volunteer opportunity in Marin is on SAT> 11-24-07 and SUN> 11-25-07 the dispatcher said to meet at Bolinas Fire Station and that she thought they were sending people out from there…

    Again are they going to need help this next weekend, from what I have seen yes they will. We are coming into one of the years biggest tides and that tells me that yes help will be needed…

    So combined with this from the news that I got from the O’Brien rep. it looks as if this is it!!!

    I am going to call some of my Bo Bo and Stinson connects and ask what they are seeing and maybe drive out there today…

    Again any more “positive” news let is know ASAP!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. I was out at Stinson yesterday and no one was being allowed onto the beach. In Bolinas Lagoon about six hazmat workers were visible -wearing life jackets in the mud.

    I’m glad to hear they are finally going to allow some volunteer assistance in Marin county (on a holiday weekend when many people are away), but from what I saw at ocean and baker beach, the oil has now broken up into miniscule pieces that are much harder to clean up.

    Anyone with gloves, a plastic scoop and half an ounce of common sense could have cleaned this material safely.
    The extended delay is unconscionable, has caused more damage to the environment and cost the lives of many sea birds. I hope Marin gets its act together soon.

  4. I picked up at least a pint of oil within a 10′ radius at low tide just off the boat launch from seadrift at Stinson only yesterday. Even though there was a contractor crew in the mud, there were only a few of them. We easily found oil in the marsh and foliage right up along the highway 1 side of the lagoon, and it really seems like if they don’t want people mucking around cleaning it up themselves, then they should get more workers out there doing it. I talked to a ranger at Muir Beach later in the day and she thought it was politically motivated to open the beach and not really clean enough for people to be on yet. The stuff is going to keep washing up so it is important to keep the pressure on to make the polluter responsible for continued cleanup as well as making some receptacles available for volunteers to dispose of the gunk.

  5. Most of the oil on the sand has been cleaned at Bolinas and RCA beaches, but there is still plenty of oil on the reefs and rocks. I was told that the professional clean up crews are responsible for cleaning rocks, but I have serious doubts that they will do it or even be able to hike down to some of the spots. More oil spotted washing up over the weekend churned up by the swell. No word when the water will be safe to go into, but plenty of people in the water over the weekend up here. I’m waiting for the official OK before heading into the water (I’m nursing) and the season’s just starting so …

  6. I was out on Ocean Beach and China Beach on Sunday the 18th…after the beaches were opened and the volunteer effort called off.
    There are still small tar balls coming up with the tide. I also found 1 injured bird and 1 dead oiled bird (sad).

    Here is a link to the video I made based on the pictures I took.


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