Tue | Day 14 – Thank You, Marin Update


We’ve added a THANK YOU page to all the wonderful donors and key supporters of the grassroots cleanup.  See the tab at the top of the page.  We’re updating it as we go along, so let us know whom we’ve missed.

Per Natalie Pepper this morning:

“Most of the oil on the sand has been cleaned at Bolinas and RCA beaches, but there is still plenty of oil on the reefs and rocks.  I was told that the professional clean up crews are responsible for cleaning rocks, but I have serious doubts that they will do it or even be able to hike down to some of the spots.  More oil spotted washing up over the weekend churned up by the swell.  No word when the water will be safe to go into, but plenty of people in the water over the weekend up here.  I’m waiting for the official OK before heading into the water …”


5 Responses

  1. Beach clean up this Friday at 2:30. Meet at Wharf end of Bolinas Beach for supplies (gloves and bags). Bring kitty litter scoopers, brooms and dust pans for easier clean up.
    We plan on cleaning Bolinas and Palomarin.
    For info call 415.302.7712

  2. So Friday at 2:30…
    Here are the tides for Point Reyes on Fri. Minisciule diff. between BO Bo and Pt. Reyes
    F 23 Low 2:37 AM 2.3 7:01 AM Set 6:02 AM 95
    23 High 8:38 AM 6.8 4:56 PM Rise 4:00 PM
    23 Low 3:49 PM -1.5
    23 High 10:38 PM 4.8

    Now is this an “official” colabrative or is it Han Solo… I love Han Solo I just want to know, so I can bring a PPE and more supplies, etc…
    Sunset is at 4:54 so if meeting time is at 2:30 that is 2 and 1/2 hours of work time, hitting deep into PaloMarin would be tough, not enough daylight, ya feal me…
    Saturday and Sun. I have been told to meet up at Mesa at the Fire Station… I do not know what time though…
    I am sorry if I sound negative in any way that is not my intention at all I just wanted to point out the limited work time and remind everyone about Sat. and Sun.

  3. The official clean ups are on the weekends, and, yes, you’d meet up at the firehouse. This is a commando mission down at Wharf. I didn’t check the sunset, but starting earlier seems prudent. I’ll update the info to a 1:00 start time.

  4. That’s awesome thank you for all of your hard work and time Natalie and Wylie, again I love commando Han Solo missions I just was curious as to bring more supplies, and with the sun setting earlier I think it is a great idea to start earlier. I haven’t been to BO since before this all started so I am looking forward to getting out there. I have some great NEWS that I am going to post about a cleanup day with a free concert from a great band… So keep your eyes and ears open. Way to go guys!


    Baykeeper and Assemblyman Jared Huffman will hold a town hall meeting
    this Saturday, December 16 from 10 am – 12 noon
    at the Stinson Beach Community Center.
    *Please note the new date and time

    We want to hear testimony from Marin County residents and officials who took part in efforts to respond to the oil spill – including attempts to boom Bolinas Lagoon. We will review the Area Contingency Plan as it relates to sensitive sites in Marin County and hear testimony on whether those protocols were followed, when they were deployed and whether alternative approaches were tried. Baykeeper hopes to identify technology, staffing, communication and funding gaps, as well as any lack of clarity in authority for local agency responsibilities during spill response. Finally, we hope to hear some testimony on the experience of volunteers who participated in beach cleanups and official trainings.

    Please contact volunteer@baykeeper.org if you have special accessibility concerns or need an interpreter at the event.

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