Update: Oct 2009 SF Bay OilSpill + Donate Your Nylons!

2009 SF Oil Spill from the Dubai Star

In response to the  recent Dubai Star oil spill in San Francisco Bay this past Friday, October 30, 2009 , we are reactivating this Zuna Surf OilSpill Blog.  

Working in conjunction with the Kill the Spill (KTS) crew and Surfrider Foundation San Francisco, both of whom mobilized the  2007 Cosco Busan clean-up, we’re putting the word out that response plans and cleanups are in the works, should the oil reach our shores, especially Ocean Beach.   Both groups are already in touch with the EPA and are working with several Google employees who are tracking the spill through Google Earth & mapping applications.

Thus far, sources are saying that the Dubai Spill is likely larger than announced in the press. It’s unclear when the oil will reach our area shorelines.  There is a fishing ban already in place and SF City officials have also warned citizens from swimming in the Bay and t0 stay away from our beaches.

Help! Donate Your Old NYLONS & STOCKINGS This Week (Oct 31 – Nov 8)!

matter of trust boomsSpread the word! We need  *NYLONS & STOCKINGS* donated ASAP for the oil boom to sop up and contain the oil.  Per KTS and Surfrider SF,  the non-profit, Matter of Trust, and volunteer teams are stuffing numerous hair booms this weekend.  Please send them in clean or washed. It’s ok if the stockings have runs in them, as according to Matter of Trust’s Lisa Gautier, they will double them up.  Please send to your nylons this week through November 8, 2009  to:

Matter of  Trust
99 St. Germain Avenue  (at Glenbrook Ave, in Twin Peaks) | map
San Francisco CA 94114.  Tel: 415 242-6041

[NOTE:  please do *NOT* donate hair – Matter of Trust  has 18,000 lbs of hair on hand – they just need nylons and stockings to put the hair inside.   Also, they are desperately seeking temporary, donated warehouse space in San Francisco, CA. If you know of any please email Lisa Gautier at  lisa@matteroftrust.org]

Stay tuned here for more updates and announcements of possible clean-ups. 

If  you spot any oiled wildlife, please contact Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 1.877.UCD.OWCN (1-877-823-6926). Up-to-date info about their current response to this spill can be found here.