Thu | Day 16 – Thanksgiving Cleanups, KTS Volunteer Appreciation Night, 12/5

See next article below for the Thanksgiving Day’s  CleanUp at Ocean Beach, and Friday’s rally at Bolinas, or go here.



Wed | Day 15 – Join Us for Thanksgiving CleanUp, Ocean Beach + Bolinas

Per KTS, Matter of Trust, and the SF Dept of Emergency Management:

Volunteer Beach Clean-up Thanksgiving Day

National Park Service Officials anticipate that the high tide on the morning of November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day, may deposit small tar balls and minor amounts of oil at Ocean Beach.

Therefore, the City and County of San Francisco, together with the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Park Service, will coordinate a volunteer beach clean-up to sweep the area for newly deposited oil spill debris. This opportunity is only open to volunteers who have attended training and received a Cosco Busan Disaster Service Worker Identification Card.

Date:   Thursday, November 22nd
Time:   10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Locations:  Report to either of the two locations listed below (Fire Trucks will mark the staging areas):

            1.    Lincoln Way and Ocean Beach Parking Area

            2.    Sloat Blvd and Ocean Beach Parking Area

Details:    Only volunteers with a Cosco Busan Disaster Service Worker Identification Card will be permitted to participate in this beach clean-up activity. Since the amount of debris is likely to be minor, there are no plans to close the beach or to deploy volunteers in full personal protective gear. Volunteers will be provided with the amount of protective equipment necessary in relation to the amount of debris.  Volunteers will be provided with gloves, booties, scoops, hair mats and buckets. Lunch will not be provided at this deployment.

If there is a need for additional volunteer deployment in the coming weeks, information will be posted here  and on the 311 website,  Please check back regularly for the most up to date information or call 3-1-1.



As posted by Natalie Pepper:  “Meet at the Wharf end of Bolinas Beach at 1:00. For info call,  415.302.7712 “

Sun | Day 12 Update

Per KTS, 403 more folks were trained on Saturday!  That brings it to well over 1400 officially trained in San Francisco.   

Ocean Beach opened up yesterday (although posted signs along the beach still say it’s closed)…but we are getting reports from that Ocean Beach may not be clean enough.  It also sounds like there’s still plenty to cleanup in Marin and East Bay.

East Bay needs help with the wildlife spotting effort (see the East Bay postings). 

For those of you living in OB and Marin, we and our readers want to know about the conditions.  Please write in , while our contacts gather more data.  Pacifica’s Shelter Cove reported oil washing up on Saturday…Our job is still not done, since we still expect to see oil residue washing up at anytime, anywhere.  With your help, we can deploy resources where attention is needed, as KTS is working closely with government agencies.

Per the SF Dept of Emergency Management on Saturday evening:

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SFDEM) and National Park Service (NPS) staff announced Friday, November 16, 2007 that the cleanup of local beaches affected by last week’s catastrophic Cosco Busan oil spill was proceeding at a faster than expected pace. Officials credited the accelerated pace to the overwhelming response by members of the public, with more than 1400 volunteers trained to help in the cleanup as of Saturday, November 17, 2007.


After Saturday, November 17, 2007, there are no planned deployments for volunteers to participate in beach clean ups related to the Cosco Busan Oil Spill in San Francisco.  In addition, there are no future trainings scheduled.  If there is a need for volunteer deployment in the coming weeks, information will be posted on  Please check back regularly for the most up-to-date information or call 3-1-1. 

BEACHES OPENED as of 11.17.07 Morning

  • Ft. Point
  • Baker Beach
  • China Beach
  • Crissy Field
  • Ocean Beach (Advisory posted)
  • Linda Mar Beach (Pacifica)
  • Rockaway (Pacifica)
  • Sharp Park Beach (Pacifica)
  • Esplande Beach (Pacifica)

View closed beaches here:

Thu 11.15 – CleanUp Schedule for Friday & Official Update

From KTS:   Locations for Friday cleanup should be posted by 7:30am that day on the 311 phone line….

Excerpt from the SF Dept of Emergency Management Email late this afternoon:Volunteer deployment for beach clean-up efforts:

The City and County of San Francisco will continue to coordinate deployment of certified volunteers at the staging area at Lincoln and the Great Highway.  Look for the RED TENT in the parking lot.  Volunteers will be provided with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), collection tools and be assigned to a trained safety officer.   Employees will lead teams of volunteers in the clean-up effort at Ocean Beach.    ALL CERTIFIED VOLUNTEERS SHOULD REPORT TO THE RED TENT at Lincoln and the Great Highway.  Additional plans for clean-up operations are pending for Crissy Field, Baker Beach, and Aquatic Park but volunteers should continue to report to the main staging area. Transportation from this staging area to the other volunteer clean up sites will be provided.

 For the most updated information on volunteer deployments in San Francisco, please call 3-1-1  or visit For information on additional volunteer opportunities to support the oil spill response efforts, please visit 

 Summary report from the State Office of Emergency Services:

Reported as of 6:30 pm on November 14, 2007: 14,974 gallons of oil have been collected.  It is estimated that 4,060 gallons of oil have evaporated. One vessel is currently skimming/collecting oil on the water and 25 support vessels and volunteer fishing vessels are working to remediate the spill.  Three helicopters are surveying the area. The US Coast Guard reports that there are currently 1,517 people participating in the spill response. According to the oil and wildlife care network, 804 live birds and 590 dead birds have been received in their facilities. 

San Francisco Update

In San Francisco, we’re supplementing the beach clean-up work of professional contractors with trained volunteers.  We’re proud to report that approximately 800 volunteers have attended trainings and have been issued a disaster service worker badge from the City’s Department of Human Resources.  Since November 12, 2007 [Monday], trained volunteers have been deployed to Ocean Beach, where the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has established a check-in site and provided safety monitors.  Volunteers are assisting with beach clean-up, wildlife and habitat preservation, and other activities related to the oil spill.

Thu.11.15 Pacifica Volunteers’ Snafu Corrected

(6pm) — A Pacifica volunteer wrote in earlier that there was an ID card snafu.  Due to clerical issue,  the Pacifica officials at the training failed to issue the trainees with the necessary ID cards to prove certification had been completed.  She reported she couldn’t participate in the OB clean-up today and was turned away, despite some clearance attempts via phone & fax.

KILL THE SPILL got word and worked with officials quickly.  The Pacifica list will NOW be posted at the Red Tent –Pacifica volunteers just need to show ID at any cleanup.  San Francisco is honoring the training and certified volunteers from the Pacifica session.

Thanks for your patience. Everybody’s working together, and yes, KTS is working tightly with officials.

– Sources:  BCleary/KTS

Thu.11.15 – Recent Beach Photos. More photos wanted.


MAVERICKS 11.15.07

It’s still unclear how much oil, if any, as made it down to Mavericks.  But, one dead bird was found, and another dead one was found in the water.  We’ve heard conflicting reports…




The swim clubs in Aquatic Park are very concerned about their swimming area.  Per what some members witnessed this morning, they report that the official contract crews have “…workers engaged in safety activities that don’t seem to comply with the rules as laid out at the training [for citizen volunteers].  They’re removing clothing in the same area they’re working, using their bare hands to do so, etc.”   These members have recently asked Kill The Spill to help get volunteers into the Park to assist with the clean-up effort.


MUIR BEACH 11.09.07


Early Thursday (Day 2) Photos from Sigward Moser, the man who was arrested and cited for his own cleanup efforts in Muir Beach.


Stay tuned for site adjustments like signing up for *Oil Spill-Only *email alerts tied to the frequent postings in this blog. 

More help with the website(s) are needed, given the volume of emails & photos we’re getting.  Interested?  Ping us via the comment button below.  All comments are moderated before getting posted.

Per the EPA on-site at OB today, there is sill “a lot of oil” out at sea.  With the NW winds and NW swell over the next several days, it will likely wash up somewhere.   We need on-site updates and PHOTOS of the conditions up and down the coast.  In particular, we need info/photos from Marin County because they are not doing any clean-up and won’t let us on the beaches.  We will work with the EPA to get access for our army of volunteers to the beaches that need clean-up.   Send updates/photos to:

Please send Zuna Surf some of your best photos from the last few days, as various surf magazines have contacted us for more pics.  We’d love to see surfers in oily waters, empty waves with “closed” signs or oil globs in them, images of dramatic conditions, powerful shots of the waves + large cleanup crews.  We’ll  then put you in contact with the photo editors.  

– Zuna Surf

Thur 11/15 Updated: CleanUps + More Volunteer Training Sessions

[update Thu 11.15 6pm] — A big THANK YOU to the EPA, SF Department of Emergency Management and the National Park Service for putting on more training sessions.

It was impressive to see a turnout of 700-800 folks at the San Francisco volunteer training sessions yesterday (Wednesday).  Due to the huge crowd, the officials condensed the training and turned it into two sessions, 6pm and 8:30pm.

We’ll post the content of the training program and tips shortly.

TODAY’S 11/15 OCEAN BEACH CLEANUP – 8am on @ Lincoln
Ocean Beach remains closed.  Cleanup begins at 8am today Thursday, at Lincoln and Great Highway.   Crew will move northward.  Please sign in at the red tent with your official ID.  Cards from other official training sessions (including Pacifica, etc.) are accepted. 

Remember, have someone else help you taking on/off your Tyvek suit.  DO NOT reuse it.  Also, make sure you’re careful where you step and ensure you’re not trampling oil around on the sand…and tracking oil into your car, house, etc. 

We thought there was an East Bay cleanup going on, but there is not.   For volunteers that have been trained and badged, if you have questions or need to know where the next cleanup is that you can join, stay tuned here.  You can also  call 311 or visit their website at

To join NON-OILED beach cleanups in Marin, Limatour, HMB, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (we assume certification is not required), visit here:

SAN FRANCISCO TRAINING – please bring photo ID. 
NOTE: 400 participants maximum, each training session; first come, first served.  Location is at the entrance of GG Park.

  • Saturday, 11/17:    8am-noon | Location: County Fairground’s Hall of Flowers, GG Park, 9th & Lincoln
  • Saturday 11/17:  1pm-5pm |  Same as above

BERKELEY/EAST BAY – please bring photo ID

  • Saturday, 11/19: 8am | 1900 6th Street, Berkeley

HALF MOON BAY – please bring photo ID

  •  Thursday 5pm – IDES Building, 735 Main Street.  Sponsored by San Mateo County Alerts ( 
  •  Saturday 8am – Location TBD