Pacifica: Volunteer Training Today – 1pm Tues

From Greg Cochran:

Oil has arrived here in Pacifica. There is confirmed oil this morning on Esplanade and Sharp Park Beaches. Not massive amounts, but enough to warrant cleanup.

Our Councilmember and Club Member, Jim Vreeland called me to let us know that Pacifica Emergency Services Oil Spill Response Volunteer Training is on for 1PM – 5pm today at the Community Center on Crespi – 540 Crespi. This session will get you certified (with an official badge) to participate in the clean-up activities for the duration of this spill. 

I’d also like to request that you register with the San Mateo Emergency Services Alert to expedite notification in case of an all out clean up effort

I hope to see you at the Volunteer Training. Questions,  Call me at 415 608-7599
Aloha, Greg Cochran

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