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3 Responses

  1. ready to clean today! whats up for friday? i actually got the training!

  2. want to help! please give me updates. am planning on going to the training session tomorrow in the city at 8. lets get this cleaned up.
    thanks tyler

  3. The beaches were opened yesterday(OB). We volunteers(city of sf trained with badges and hazmat suits, booties, gloves etc) were kicked off the beach by the feds. Kids and dogs were getting into the many silver dollar to pancake sized shiny bunker fuel. The small warning signs that were pasted to garbage cans listed the wrong # to report oil.The officials are saying the beach is safe. It is far from safe. The gulls were continuing to get into the stuff. We need the beaches to be closed and the cleanup must continue. Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for all your good work.

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