Thank you to the Kill the Spill coordinators and all the volunteers who’ve helped cleaned off our beaches and rallied to ensure we got our officials’ attention.  It’s great to see that Kill the Spill is now working in tandem with the EPA, SF Dept of Emergency Management, the National Park Service, and others.  We still need everyone’s help so Kill the Spill can let officials know where to deploy more resources. 

Stay tuned for our volunteer appreciation party Wednesday Dec 5th, at Sports Basement Potrero Hill, 6pm-10pm.

Also, a BIG THANK-YOU goes to many organizations below who made all our efforts go smoothly over the last 13+ days, especially on our Sunday rally, November 12, 2007 (Day 5). 

We are grateful for the support and outpouring of help.  We know we’ve likely missed people, so please contact us to help update this list.

Francoise Gorfain, Judith Brass, Terry Craig, Cynthia Wong, Natalie Pepper, and Many, Many More…


2 Responses

  1. Special thanks to Harry Allen @ EPA who seemed to be coordinating the emergency response effort AND training the public effectively in tough conditions and a short amount of time..

    also thanks to Lance (can’t remember last name) @ SFPUC who was coordinating the volunteer cleanup at OB Saturday. He had briefed and sent out 500 volunteers by early afternoon and was keeping his cool (and remembering everyones’ names!) despite the difficulties of coordinating with the feds – who insisted on opening the north half of OB while it was still filled with bits of oil and hazmat workers..

  2. GOODMAN BUILDING SUPPLY has not been recognized on your site for their donation of gloves etc. in support of your efforts to make a difference.

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